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Video Party: Check us out in the middle of the madness that was ShowYouSuck’s release party

Posted on January 15th, 2013 by eric

Remember in the early 1990s, when there were all those collaborations between metal bands and rappers, like Onyx and Biohazard and Anthrax and Public Enemy hooking up for the Judgement Night soundtrack? Show You Suck’s release party for One Man Pizza Party III: Rest In Pizza was pretty much the live mashup of Kool Keith and Gwar that never happened but should have, with several rows of an all-ages crowd getting pelted and doused with pizza slices, glitter, stage divers and Mountain Dew, amidst sets and appearances by Auggie the 9th, Warhound, St. Millie, and members of Treated Crew and the Legion of Doom! Cornelius Kite of Fly Kite media captured all the madness, and we were glad to be a little part of it (and for the most part stay dry).

Check out Fly Kite media’s youtube here
Check out our pics from the photobooth here

ShowYouSuck, Miranda, Auggie the 9th, and Jason Hoodrich getting turnt