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Noize Riot

Posted on January 14th, 2012 by admin

Noize Riot is a gigantic undertaking by Midnight Conspiracy and record label New Era Connected… a two-floor, 18+, weekly dance party in Lincoln Park/Chicago Ridge Mexican restaurant La Playita (launched, annoyingly, during the first big snowstorm and temperature drop of what had been an unseasonably warm Chicago winter). While the first floor was given to hip hop, juke, and top 40, with dj sets and performances by DJ Demchuk, Gant-Man, Starfoxxx, and Mojek, the basement was where everyone got real dirty and sweaty, in the electro/dubstep room, where Compact Disco, Skyler Mendoza, Midnight Conspiracy, and Robot Dentist performed. Lady Shana Von Gabor blew some young minds with a grinder set that was unlike anything else these young guns had probably seen (cuz c’mon… that shit doesn’t happen at Energy or whatever).

It also featured the debut of something Jaime Black is doing that’s never been done before. The podcaster is doing a live interview show where he interviews the DJs, gogo dancers, photographers, and party people on the spot. It harkens back to the traditional radio broadcasts from… not too long ago really, but something I’ve never seen at a rave environment. You can catch a sampling of it here.

It was a great start to what could be a huge event. Scroll down to see the full set of pictures from the night. Right-click any image to download.

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