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GlitterGuts’ 4th Anniversary! Underground Dollar Store and Jukefest

Posted on January 10th, 2012 by admin

Holy Hell, our dumb idea is four years old. The crew at GlitterGuts isn’t too into our own shit, but we did feel like it was time to throw a party. Two parties actually…

The first was the relaunch of our Underground Dollar Store, our DIY flea market where we have some of our favorite brick-and-mortar stores, Etsy stores, artists and craftsmen sell their wares at reasonable prices (read: cheap, like everything-is-under-twenty-bucks cheap). We had Hot Temper Hot Sauce making everyone’s eyes water, Grr… selling comic books and comic-themed art and cupcakes, Dead Fame, Steven Luros Holliday, the Remote Viewer Projects, willow naeco, Samantha Gierum, Kokorokoko, Moneyworth, Back Garage, Corrupt Cake, Wonder Wheel, Flux of Feathers, and Lipstick Dinosaur.

Our favorite collaborator 18andCounting did triple duty making props, selling art and spinning music. He was joined onstage by DJ Qbot, Heaven Malone, Johnny Walker, Phenom, a feather fan dance by Ammunition, and live sets by Jams Dean, Show You Suck, and Black Light Saints.

Then at 9 we cleared out all the shops to make room for our favorite kind of party, a big-ass jukefest featuring Sich Mang, Molly Bass, DJ Demchuk, Starfoxxx, BBU, and DJ Gant-Man. Scroll down to see the full set of pictures from the night. Right-click any image to download.

We love it when you repost on your socials, so please tag us so we can see! We’re @glittergutsy on instagram and #GlitterGuts everywhere.

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