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Let’s Get Weird with Dances with White Girls

Posted on July 23rd, 2010 by admin

The cats behind Rino’s weekly party K.D.M., which buses in kids from outside Debonair Social Club, Flat Iron, and Double Door, and whisks them away to River North for a dance party and an open bar to get trashy with the neighborhood’s hoi polloi (or maybe they are the hoi polloi, I always forget how that word works), host a very different party every Thursday at Evil Olive. Every week, Lets Get Weird morphs from a punk show into a dance party. The night starts out with Buzzcocks and ends with Treasure Fingers, usually with a live band performing from the balcony in the middle.

In lieu of a live act, this week had Brooklyn DJ Dances With White Girls, to play along with Crossfader King‘s E-Six, Zebo, and residents Disco Death Threat, along with hosts Perfect Kiss, whose job was to get drunk and become a party catalyst.

Scroll down for the full set of GlitterGuts portrait booth pictures from the night. Right-click any image to download, and for info on ordering, click here.

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