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Muchas Smooches with GlitterGuts

Posted on June 26th, 2012 by admin

So a little more than a year after we were voted the “best nightlife photographer” at The Rehabbies, GlitterGuts got our second silly award ever and it’s completely gone to our head. The Chicago Reader just named us the “best photobooth to make out in” in Chicago in 2012; actually it wasn’t the Reader, but the Reader’s audience that voted for us, which is even better (because as the official photobooth of the 99% [and yes, I am stalwart about referring to ourselves as that], we care way more about what the people think about us than the media. even if the weekly freebie isn’t exactly The Man’s coveted Ivory Towers!)

But just to bolster our point, here’s some pictures from the last six months, and a couple old favorites, of all y’all smooching. Pictures that have lead to, come out of, and bookended hazy hookups and great relationships, as well as some truly tumultuous ones

(and we tried to go easy on that weird phenomenon where straight girls make out with each other for the titillation of men, instead of for their own enjoyment, cuz that’s always awkward)