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Tropic Goth Summer Soiree

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by eric

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I’m not sure whether to treat it like a microsubculture or a novelty subculture, but I’m really digging the idea of tropic goth, which is pretty much the darkwave equivalent of Yacht Rock, with the same mutual dislike and distrust of Parrotheads and Jimmy Buffet, but the music of Hall & Oates & Loggins & Messina replaced with 90s summer jams from Ace of Base and the Baha Men. The Tropic Goth Summer Soiree took place at the north side Observatory space, with a short film by Daviet, DJ sets by Sickcakes, and performances by Mathematique, Dresden Dresses, Ramzi, and Richard Album, who turned the whole place into the deck of a cruise ship. Check out the full set of photos below; right-click on any image to download!

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