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Thirsty Thursdays at the Elks Lodge (Ann Arbor, MI)

Posted on October 4th, 2010 by admin

College towns have the best energy, and I really need to shoot more of them. When I rolled into Ann Arbor with Vertual Vertigo on Thursday night, we saw raucous parties spilling out of houses on every block on our way to the Elks Lodge. The Elks Lodge (like most lodges) was something of a cross between a social club and a VFW hall, kinda grimy and kinda cozy and wood-paneled all over. Thirsty Thursdays is a regular weekly hip hop night that, this week, featured sets from Vertual Vertigo, Tree City, Dante Peaks, and Holla@Chaboyz.

Check out our favorite shots from the night above, or scroll down for the full set of pictures below. Right click any image to download, and click here for information on ordering hi-res files or prints.

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