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Stacks! Benefit for Chicago Underground Library

Posted on August 28th, 2010 by admin

The Chicago Underground Library is, in their own words a “new model for open, location-specific archiving of independent and small press media,” which is to say, a fully-functioning library for local small press, acting as both a physical browsable location and a digital database for all the zines, chapbooks, manifestos, and assorted literary ephemera that might otherwise be lost to the dustbin of history. For their annual fundraiser, they took over Avondale’s Late Bar for a soul party featuring DJs from the Windy City Soul Club, The Merge, and the East of Edens Soul Express. There was a dual theme of the sixties and fuck, yeah! librarians that had real and wannabe librarians busting out their granny glasses.

Scroll down for the full set of pictures from the night. Right-click any image to download, and for info on ordering prints, click here.

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