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Southside Shakedown

Posted on February 21st, 2010 by admin

A good portion of my formative years were spent at the Metro. For a while there, the Metro and the Fireside Bowl (and eventually the Bottom Lounge) were the only places an underage kid could see a show for less than 20 bucks. I’ve seen some crazy shit there too. I saw Mos Def perform with an all-star black rock’nroll backing band (consisting of Living Colour’s rhythm section and Bad Brain’s Dr Know, and I saw a lot of my first year professors get drunk and X-rated with each other at Columbia College Fiction Writing events. I left a Subhumans show with a skinhead’s bootprint in my back, and lost my shit in mosh pits watching the likes of Mindless Self Indulgence, Tub Ring, System of a Down, The Vandals, and the Deftones,  and in all that, I’ve never seen a Metro crowd go as nuts as they do during any of Ghetto Division’s Southside Shakedown parties.

I don’t know how to describe it, because it nothing I could describe (vandalism, fights, sex) really convey the craziness. I think it has a lot to do with energy, more than specific acts. I could put a little of it in numbers though. More people got kicked out of this party (over 150 people before the end of the night) than attend some my favorite parties. Also, the average number of pictures I take at a good party is 300. At a real crazy, underground jam, I might take something like 600 (which gets whittled down as I take out the pictures of people sneezing or giving themselves a double chin  or accidentally flashing the camera or something). At the Southside Shakedown, I took over 1100!

I wish I had something more to show for it. Some knife fights or daisy chains or something, but it’s just a bunch of party people looking good, and I guess I didn’t get my jaw broken or my lights thrown over the balcony, so I guess I’ll consider it a win on my part. Hooray!

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