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Sissy Bounce Sweethearts Ball

Posted on February 17th, 2010 by admin

For our last night in New Orleans, we were excited to shoot an event with some of Sissy Bounce’s biggest names. And it was a sweethearts dance, and it was Valentine’s Day. If it didn’t start raining halfway through the night, I imagine it would’ve been the biggest, craziest party ever, but given the inclement weather, it had to just settle for being big and crazy, with tons of folks showing up from various Krewes and parades in all assortment of costumes.

Big ups to Rusty Lazer for putting everything together, as well as Sissy Nobby, Vockah Redu, Katey Red, and Big Freedia for showing me something I’ve never seen in Chicago (which is not an easy thing to do)

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