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Hunter Moore at Broadripple (Ft. Wayne, IN!)

Posted on June 18th, 2012 by admin

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Rant time? It might be rant time. Scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want to see the rest of your pics and don’t care about a bunch of words.*

Hunter Moore is an interesting character, a post-Vice internet iconoclast who calls to my mind some of the best aspects of Andrew W.K. and G.G. Allin, and some of the worst aspects of provacapreneurs Dov Charney and Joe Francis. He is intense, an unabashed drug abuser and pussy hound, and intensely dedicated in self-destruction, and I couldn’t really throw my support behind him until he completely dismantled his website, which despicable as it was, served an actual function, if not a purpose, and just became it’s own brand. (his own brand).

Is Any One Up, carried the flame of shit like Bang Bros and Real Life Casting Couch, to become one of the first real-life revenge porn sites. People were wronged by their significant others, or digitally assaulted by uninvited sexual attention, or classlessly solicited by some touring douchebag screamo rock star, and they’d send that persons nudes, or their texts, or their homemade videos to Hunter to put up online for the community at large to judge and mock.

There was a lot to like about the site. At the very base, it’s appeal was homemade noodz!, and real people real naked! With as much porn as there is on the internet, there was never that much sincerity, and here were images from people’s private lives, working to seduce people they were into, there was an actual sense of naughtiness and secrecy and happiness in the pictures, and if you were willing to believe that everyone who’s pictures you were looking at had actually fucked up and wronged someone, it was easy to ignore that they didn’t consent to the breach in privacy and didn’t want these pics online. On top of that, Hunter never painted himself in any better light. He posted his own nudes frequently, and shared hilarious and disgusting stories of his own depravity, from getting blowjobs while he had scabies to drunkenly ordering prostitutes who were not at all as advertised. He complained about server costs, and having to put ugly porn banners on his website to keep it running, and disregarded bullshit DMCA notices, which as a content provider I personally love.

But it was a bully pulpit, with a mob mentality. The comments section, like most unmoderated comments sections, was racist, sexist, and more-than-anything homophobic, and whether it wanted to be or not, it provided a voice for the horny hypocrites [editor’s note: god, nothing outs an untalented writer like alliteration, but it’s the only way I could think to word this], folks who seemed to think that people deserved unwanted attention just for sending nudes, or for being sluts or promiscuous, as if having a sex life was a punishable offense; folks who made these judgments, while gleefully wallowing in a world of dick pics and tits or get the fuck out.

But then Hunter dismantled the website, citing exhaustion and a committment to not contribute to a world of bullying. And Is Anyone Up? was just a tumblr, a twitter,and an instagram. He still solicited nudes for dumb prizes like branded t-shirts and condoms (and the more amorphous lure of brief internet celebrity), and they were still judged on a basis of a traditional, European sense of beauty, and ridiculed and hollered at thusly, but there was consent. Anyone who submitted knew what they were subjecting themselves to, and I think it’s great. It’s great for people to see that no matter how “beautiful” someone is, there’s always a douchebag willing to jump out and say they have weird nipples, and no matter how “ugly” someone is, there’s always someone who’s revved up by it, and unprovokedly say that they want to eat a bowl of cereal out of their ass or something. And it’s good to have nude pictures online because, in my opinion, there’s too much body-negativity out there, and sex-negativity out there, and it’s good to grant a degree of normalcy to something that most people are doing in secret, and maybe in 20 or 30 years when all these people are grown up, it won’t be such a scandal when a schoolteacher’s shibari rope bondage FetLife profile gets found, or a congressman’s cellphone dick pics get leaked, or someone finds a picture of the president of the United States bare-assed in a GlitterGuts picture from the World Naked Bike Ride (a dude can hope).

Hunter took the money and ran, he took shit from Anderson Cooper and Nightline and the CBC and scooped up the advertising money as traffic swelled, and kinda sorta did the right thing, and is doing his own thing, using his brand to support his lifestyle, touring around making and spinning dubstep and bro-ing down with his fans and getting beejays in the DJ booth and trolling for drugs online, and being as much of a scumbag as he wants. For this party, Hunter Moore came to Broadripple, a stripmall nightclub/poolhall/Irish pub in Fort Wayne, IN, with a ridiculously intense lights-and-lasers show, and spun alongside DJs Double K, Boo Radley, and Broseidon.

Scroll down to see the full set of images from the night. Right click any image to download, and click here for information on ordering prints and hi-res images.

*all this rant-y blahbittyblah is the work of Eric lab Rat and does not necessarily represent any other human’s opinions, at GlitterGuts or elsewhere

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