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GlitterGuts Dance Punk Circus

Posted on February 7th, 2012 by admin

I’d like to thank everyone that came out to our own Dance Punk Circus for dressing up, packing the Metro and making it one of the weirdest, funnest events we’ve ever done. The event featured performances by synth punks Clique Talk and Perfect Kiss, performance art dance cult Pure Magical Love, garage punks White Mystery, punk rock choral group The Blue Ribbon Glee Club, circus marching band Environmental Encroachment, and clown burlesque acts Miss Maya Sinstress, Mx Yola, and Team Clowntits!

Front 312’s Eddie Riot and Mr. Bobby spun from the balcony, where the Underground Dollar Store sold clothes, art, comic books, jewelry, and experiences, courtesy of The Remote Viewer Project, Monster Dudes, Rainey Day Vintage, Homemade Speed, Lipstick Dinosaur, and Ann Marie Klacko. The event was led by Ringleader Adam Black, whose trashy new wave vaudeville act featured bad jokes and good put downs, naked clown babes, unicorn fellatio, confetti cannons, and a pig-nosed cop chasing everyone around Benny Hill-style.

It was everything I’ve ever wanted a party to be: one that started with the DJs spinning Delta 5 and ended with a 20-piece marching band leading the crowd in Cab Calloway’s epic call-and-response jam “Minnie the Moocher” (editor’s note: from my favorite movie Forbidden Zone and my favorite Chicago movie Blues Brothers!)… and as an added bonus had a Tom Waits striptease.

Scroll down to see the full set of pictures from the night. Right click any image to download.

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