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Every Drop Counts

Posted on February 2nd, 2010 by admin

Every Drop Counts is a grassroots organization formed in the wake of last month’s devastating earthquake in Haiti. Their goal was to help out Haiti in a real and personal way (as opposed to the number of vocal organizations that are vague and impersonal). They decided to focus on getting new water filtration systems for Haiti, because it’s hard to rebuild a whole nation when you’re relying on other countries to provide you with clean water for bathing and drinking.

Their first fundraiser took the form of Every Drop Chi, an all-star concert of a couple dozen different flavors of local hip hop, ranging from the political to the profane, from the live band jazzhop of Kids These Days to the electro-dance of He Say She Say, and featuring the likes of Jean Grae, Rhymefest, GLC, the Cool Kids, Mic Terror, BBU, and Hollywood Holt.

There were a few surprises, a lot of electricity in the air and a general good feeling in the room from a crowd that didn’t find out til after they’d left, that they’d raised a total of over $14,000 for the World Water Relief Fund.

Personal surprises came from Kids These Days, who reminded me of the Youngblood Brass Band, and who had an amazing early set, and FM Supreme who came on with a huge following all her own, and dominated almost as hard as Jean Grae.

Here’s the pictures from our GlitterGuts portrait booth; for more shots of the night, check out Everyone Is Famous and 10 Photos

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