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Dirty Dancing

Posted on February 28th, 2010 by admin

Aw hell yeah, Ghetto Division and Chicago Dead Beats got together to throw a party in a space I’ve always wanted to go into… that crazy, silo-looking dome off of Western right at the North edge of Pilsen. I liked the look of the walls, so we used ambient space instead of a backdrop for the GlitterGuts photos here.

At some point, the cops were given some bad info and told there was some gang shit going on so they rolled through with over ten cars and several wagons, only to be turned away because the music wasn’t too loud and everybody’s licenses were in order. Now I’ve got nothing against the police, and I’m certainly graeful to have them around when they’re needed, but given that so much of my life/work revolves around parties, and so many of the things I love are either illegal or heavily regulated, there is a certain sense of schadenfreude when an officer is all ready to break up a party, and then has to leave with his head down and a hangdog expression on his face.

All the pictures from the night can be found below. Right click on any image to download.

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