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Die Tonight presents Hell House with Will Eastman

Posted on October 31st, 2010 by admin

I know there’s kind of an onus against using the word ‘rager’ in certain camps these days, so I’ll just describe Die Tonight‘s first Halloween jam as fucking Bonkers. Exactly one year after we shot our last party at Sonotheque (r.i.p.), Beauty Bar stepped up to the plate to show exactly how hard it could throw down. It’s funny to see people get so out-of-hand and unruly in a place that sparkly but, now that I think of it, the same kinda shit used to happen at Sonotheque’s Spandexxx parties, and it was just as weird to see people getting violent, amorous, and violently amorous in a place that looked like a spaceship from a ’50s sci fi matinee. Four Loko and Absolut sponsored the event. Rachel Cable and Anjali Bahl offered roadkill makeovers for the few people who decided not to come in costume. Zombie/costume wizard Monica Heart Swieton hosted, and guests Les Trois Stooges and Will Eastman joined residents Midnight Conspiracy, Dark Wave Disco, and Heaven Maone on the Tables.

Scroll down to see the full set of GlitterGuts portrait booth photos from the night. Right click any image to download, and click here for information on ordering prints.

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