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Cops and Robbers

Posted on March 28th, 2009 by admin

There’s not much to say about Cops & Robbers.

Just a good old fashion house party with a bunch of DJs to celebrate our friend Mercedes’ birthday. The theme was (obviously) cops and robbers, which made it all the more better when the real CPD showed up to shut things down. They didn’t find the humor in the situation, probably because they had to get out of their car in the freezing rain to do it. If you ask me, they shoulda let well enough alone.

There were a lot of great DJs from the South Side contingent, including Mr. Bobby, Eddie Riot, and Scrabblor. This was the first party at the brand new space Bridgeport space MYOUR HOUSE. It’s a dope spot, two floors, and a lotta good heads. We’ll be back there on Friday, April 10th for their first official party, a fundraiser for the space. Mr. Bobby should be back on the decks and the show”ll feature live sets from Pure Magical Love, Nomatta, Cloudsasha, Sitari, Jay Schroeder, and Protman.

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