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Chicago Outfit Roller Derby

Posted on September 9th, 2012 by admin

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After a couple years of failing to link up, we finally got to link up with our homies The Chicago Outfit for their season home closer, which featured exhibitions between our home town heroes against Grand Rapids’ Grand Raggidy All Stars and the Confluence Crush Heartbreakers from St. Lois Missouri, as well as the youth league The Chicago Riots, and some rad-ass cyclist cheerleaders whose team name I never caught. Speaking of names, the event was a festival of good and bad punnery, with combatants like Queefer Sutherland, Mince-It Van Gogh, Gabba Gabba Slay, Rude E. Huxtable, and my personal favorite, a referee named Admiral Snackbar. Scroll down to see the full set of images from the night. Right click any image to download, and click here for information on ordering prints and hi-res images.

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