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Booty Fabulous

Posted on March 20th, 2010 by admin

For my friend Mercedez’s last birthday, she threw a Cops and Robbers party at the newly opened (and now defunct) Myour House. For this year’s party, she set up in Humboldt Flopsy TeaHaus, which has been kicking ass lately with a mixture of dance parties, punk and metal concerts, and drag king and burlesque shows.

With Quennect Four playing it straight, and fighting to get licensed and recognized as an official gallery, there’s been kind of a hole in the neighborhood, and I think that after a few crazy parties at the TeaHaus, a lot of people got overexcited and promoted a bit too far.

I always try not to pass judgment on people based on how they look, but as soon as I saw a group of Fratbros that looked like they’d never set foot in Humboldt Park before, I knew that the party was overpromoted, and that the cops would soon be on their way to shut it down.

C’est la vie. It was good while it lasted. People got their juke on hard, even though the “booty poppin contest” never got to take place. Then some cats decided it would be a good idea to throw bottles around (inside the house and outside in the alley) and soon enough a bunch of guys in buzzcuts and kevlar vests were shining flashlights in our faces.

All the pictures from the night can be found below. Right click on any image to download.

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