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Big Freedia’s Just Be Free Tour

Posted on October 11th, 2014 by eric

4 years ago we were in New Orleans at the Sissy Bounce Sweethearts Ball; it was our first introduction to Katey Red, Sissy Nobby, Vockah Redu, and of course… Big Freedia, and she blew our mind. We’re huge fans of super local, super hardcore hip hop, dance music and dance style, from juke to house to ghettotech to gogo to baile funk, from twerking to voguing to footwork. Of course, most of that super local music stays local and we have to come to it. We never would have guessed that Big Freedia would play Chicago, let alone at a venue with fences to separate the stage from the crowd. Of course we’ve seen Big Freedia several times here since then, but we’re still so excited for her. As part of her Just Be Free tour, she played an all ages show at Concord with support from our homies Swaguerrilla, Mister Wallace and Porn and Chicken!

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