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An Evening with the Artist: Alejandra Guerrero

Posted on November 24th, 2014 by eric

There’s nothing better than getting a call to work with a great artist so we were thrilled to get asked to shoot photos for Alejandra Guerrero’s art show at Fulton Market Kitchen. Alejandra is one of the best fetish and erotic photographers working today. Her work focuses on, in her words, depicting strong and sexy women in the spirit of a femme fatale or dominatrix, her solo show featured a selection of recent work shot on film and printed in a dark room (which is only notable in that I’d seen a lot of her work online and it gained so many new layers of depth and life and toning when printed traditionally). The show featured performances by Shana Von Gabor and Miss Tosh, a live erotic tableu behind glass, music by Shaka23 and designs by Vex clothing.

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