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10 Years of GlitterGuts Anniversary Party

Posted on November 21st, 2018 by eric

Thanks to everyone who came out to Reunion Chicago to check out our “2008” show and party with us in celebration of our tenth anniversary. The night featured a portrait booth installation by Jane Georges, beautiful tiered cake by Bon Vivant Cakes and bloody guts ice cream pops from Pretty Cool, plus performances by Tribble Tribble, Josephine Shaker, Sally Marvel, Alex Grelle, and Showyousuck, and dj sets by All the Way Kay and DJ Demchuk!

Much love to White Claw Hard Seltzer, Old Style beer, Deep Eddy vodka, Virtue Cider, and to Tony Spina the king of Chicago for making so many of those connections happen. Much love to our bartender Marisa KM. Much love to FeelTrip for vending the party and making us some cool anniversary swag. Much love to everyone who’s ever worked with us, but especially our current extended family of photographers, Labeeba Samayoa, Alexis Ellers, and Mike Borden

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