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VIDEO PARTY! Meet our favorite gingers, White Mystery!

Posted on January 27th, 2012 by eric

For the uninitiated…
White Mystery is the garage/punk/powerpop/labelsarestuidbutichoosetousethem duo of Alex White and White Francis. When I met Alex, exactly one million billion years ago, she was throwing backyard punk shows on the Northwest side and singing like Nico in the basement of the Nervous Center with the weird older dudes who were secretly members of legendary Chicago first-wave punk bands Silver Abuse and The Wayouts, and then . I don’t know Francis as well, so it might be inaccurate to say that he would have grown up in Alex’s shadow if he was not literally ten feet tall (hair included). Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I absolutely refuse to do any research right now.

White Mystery is a guitar-and-drums two piece with a loud, fuzzy, stripped down sound, and they’re visually striking individuals, so on top of accolades from the likes of Guitar World naming Alex one of the top ten guitarists you should know and Stuff Stoners Like declaring the band… amongst the things stoners like, they look good on film and people like to film them.

Here are a bunch of videos of White Mystery, and there are a ton more I sifted through to find em. Check out these gems, and then check out White Mystery at the Metro, February 4, for the GlitterGuts Dance Punk Circus!

[White Mystery’s newest video “Birthday”]

White Mystery – Powerglove

White Mystery – Good Girl

White Mystery – Take A Walk [live at Caffeinated Recordings]

White Mystery on Chic-A-Go-Go

White Mystery on super local morning news

Check out White Mystery on the web and check out some of the parties we’ve done with them on GlitterGuts.