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GlitterGuts Remixed: Samantha Gierum

Posted on May 31st, 2012 by admin

GlitterGuts Remixed is an ongoing project where we invite some of our favorite artists to reinterpret some of our favorite portraits and make them their own.

For the second edition, we enlist the help of Samantha Gierum, a jack-of-all trades/jerk-of-all trades (wakka wakka) who makes beautiful/grotesque jewelry, paints, and tattoos at Mastermind Ink on the north side. I was excited to see what her contribution would look like because her style is incredibly diverse and versatile, ranging from photorealistic to classic lush Disney cartoonish to intricate pencil sketch to Goldenbooks watercolors to Ralph Steadman-esque ink splatters. I’ve seen her do all of this on paper and canvas and I’ve seen her do all this on motherfuckers’ skin.

Sam’s GlitterGuts Remixed portraits are painted on canvas, or on wood at a fairly large scale and then lacquered to prevent warping. Actually it’s not “lacquer” so much as a complicated/cool process she described to me and then I forgot (like a dummy). This is just a sampling of her work on the project. The full set will be on display later this year at the first-ever GlitterGuts Art Show!

Check out a lot more of Sam’s art (and related ephemera) on tumblr and check out her tattoos on facebook.

And while you’re at it, check out the first edition of GlitterGuts Remixed with our homie Moneyworth!