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BBU in the Chicago Reader!

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by eric

Our friends BBU are gettin some love in this week’s Sharp Darts column. They’ve been kicking ass all over the place this year and it’s good to see them gettin some love.

I’ve done a few parties with BBU, as GlitterGuts, and working with the Windy City Story Slam and the End of the World Dance party (including a night where I pretended to be their dj onstage at the Metro, and an ecstatic election night party at Liar’s Club where I was too busy pouring out champagne to take any pictures), and they always bring it. Check out our posts tagged with BBU to see them playing, in order, a loft party that ended up in a huge brawl, a nightclub jukefest with DJ Gant-Man, and the first night of Lollapalooza where they performed alongside Hollywood Holt.

More BBU over at Cream Team => Analog Blog, Interview

[check out this video of them playing the basement of Quennect Four back in the day when they were a four piece]