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The Chicago Reader at Pitchfork

Posted on July 16th, 2012 by admin

Our homies at the Chicago Reader invited us to stop by their booth at the Pitchfork Music Fest, to shoot some of their #p4ktraits (wow, that looks silly, this far removed from a cell phone screen and an instagram account; c’est la vie, such is life in 2012). They provided all the masks and costumes, as well as ice-water dipped Reader bandannas that nearly caused a riot when they ran out.

It was a great fest… Lady Gaga was running around as undercover as she’s able to pull while also rocking out with some intense jewelry and boobage; Araabmuzik brought out Chief Keef, Young Chop, and Lil Reese to play “Don’t Like”; Grimes brought out omnipresent seapunk babes Molly Soda and Clairey Pears as backup dancers; it rained torrentially and dried up quickly, making everybody’s skinny jeans completely unbearable; hipsters and older music heads stood around, nodding their heads and appreciating music instead of dancing. Personal GlitterGuts favorites were Liturgy and Flying Lotus.

Scroll down to see the full set of GlitterGuts portrait booth images from the night. Open any image into a new window to download in full size.

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