GlitterGuts Glitter! Guts! Photobooths!

eric strom – founder, photographer, bearded dude

Eric was getting bored with the parties he was DJing in 2007, so he started GlitterGuts as a way to make them a more interactive experience (and because he’s a pretty alright photographer and a pretty mediocre beatmatcher).

sarah joyce – founder, editor, secret genius

Sarah does all the technical work that nobody knows about, like color correction, workflow and data management, and is the main reason that you don’t look like hot garbage when you’re taking pictures after one too many drinks.


alexis ellers – photographer, punk wrangler, builder of physical things

Alexis Ellers teaches the art of photography to Chicago teens, builds and rides ridiculous bikes with the Rat Patrol Bike Club, and designs jewelry for True Partners in Craft. You can check out her portraits of dogs, humans, and assorted miscreants at