GlitterGuts Glitter! Guts! Photobooths!

eric strom – founder, photographer, bearded dude

Eric was getting bored with the parties he was DJing in 2007, so he started GlitterGuts as a way to make them a more interactive experience (and because he’s a pretty alright photographer and a pretty mediocre beatmatcher).

sarah joyce – founder, editor, secret genius

Sarah does all the technical work that nobody knows about, like color correction, workflow and data management, and is the main reason that you don’t look like hot garbage when you’re taking pictures after one too many drinks.

meagan fredette – photographer, fashionable human, goth liason

Meagan is one of our favorite photographers in Chicago, so we hired her. Her style showcases more of an emphasis on dynamic angles and shadows. You should read her fashion blog latterstyle because you don’t look nearly as good as you think you do, and her broke ass always does. She’s recently joined the staff of Rookie Mag and you can check out her writing here.

caroline dixey – photographer, wedding genius, roaming photo extraordinaire, semi-secret hippie

Caroline Dixey joined the team in 2011. Not only is she a fantastic photographer for GlitterGuts, but you can see her solo work at The Youth Chronicles, which focuses on nightlife, and Caroline Dixey Photography, which showcases her wedding and corporate events work. 

stefan klapko – photographer, hip hop ambassador, video genius

Stefan Klapko is quickly becoming one of the hardest working men in Chicago show business, apprenticing under a lot of photographer dudes you would poop yourself to work with, and shooting videos for the likes of ShowYouSuck, Grade Aplus, Cadillac Duke, Sick One and a number of rappers representing this exciting hip hop renaissance Chicago is going through. Check out his videos on vimeo, his urban culture blog Hip Hop Camera, and his portfolio.

alexis ellers – photographer, punk wrangler, builder of physical things

Alexis Ellers teaches the art of photography to Chicago teens, builds and rides ridiculous bikes with the Rat Patrol Bike Club, and designs jewelry for True Partners in Craft. You can check out her portraits of dogs, humans, and assorted miscreants at