GlitterGuts Glitter! Guts! Photobooths!

bump and grindcore homies
GlitterGuts is the mobile photo booth. The photos here are not meant to endorse any product, or be used in any commercial manner.

In a perfect world, all these photos would be released under a creative commons license, but this world is far from perfect. in order to protect your images from being used in any sort of prank, scam, or advertisement, glitterguts retains all rights to these photos. if you’re the star, feel free to post the pics on tumblr, facebook, hotornot, jdate, tinder, grindr, vampire freaks or wherever the hell else you frequent. anyone else can send inquiries to


We’re currently looking for collaborators to help us build sets and backdrops. If you’re interested, contact us.

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We’re fans of just about everything and we’re down to shoot almost any event. In the past year, we’ve done photobooths at raves, festivals, gallery shows, fetish parties, carnivals, school and charity events. We’d like to add corporate events, weddings, hardcore shows, orgies, QuinceaƱeras, comic cons, orgies, hootenannies and anything else to that list. No event is too big, too small or too weird.

We charge on a sliding scale, and our turnover rate for any event is about two days.