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Sunglasses at Night

Posted on May 31st, 2009 by admin

Here are some of our favorite shots from Sunglasses at Night at Debonair on Sunday.

Sunglasses at Night was a birthday party for Team Bayside High’s Dicky C, fashioned after a 1992 rave in the basement of Debonair. The night saw sets from Team Bayside, Heaven Malone, Matt Dufour, Dark Wave Disco, Willy Joy and Rob Threezy, and we came out to do GlitterGuts’ first blacklight photo shoot.

I fuckin love how the pictures came out, but shooting with blacklights meant a lot of trial and error, so my apologies if you got dinnerplate pupils or a dead man’s palor and look more like a junkie than a super sexyraver. Rest assured, however, that you’re still a supersexy party person in real life.

Much love to Fester Rorshack for hookin me up with the blacklight makeup as well as one of the lights, and Kim Fortune and DJ Demchuk for hookin me up with some more.

Happy birthday Dicky, Kyle, and Brittany.

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