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Out of the Box I & II

Posted on August 31st, 2008 by admin

Since the late 90s, artist Fred Burkhart has been opening his homes to the derelicts and ne’er do-wells he loves to photograph so much: a mix of punks, hippies, poets, jazzbos, performance artists, goths and dominatrices, creating a safe space for teens, freaks, and anyone else on the fringe.

This year, he’s adapting his showcase from a weekly open mic to a series of more specialized events. GlitterGuts had the privilege of attending the first of those specialized events and the last of those weekly open mics. Both events took place under the guise of Out of the Box, a fetish sampler featuring burlesque and bondage, rope and fire play, and the sensual sides of pain, submission, humiliation and the grotesque.

If you’d like to learn more about Burkhart and his studio, head on over to

Part 1: 7/27/08

Part 2: 8/31/08

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