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Posted on March 20th, 2009 by admin

Spring is finally here! It is time to wear bright colors and make as much noise as we can yelling and laughing, stomping our feet and dancing, playing music and making love, so as to scare away the ghosts of winter with our righteous sound.

Equinoxxx was thrown by the cats responsible for Ragnarok and Triskaidekaphobia, who do a really good job at bringing the SAIC dance party crowd together with the Pilsen dance party crowd for a heady mix of new wave and no wave –not to mention avant garde art and costumes based around obscure folklore.

The alley gods provided most of the backdrop. I think I was going for some sort of rustic, interdimensional back alley look (watch this video for reference) and I like how it turned out.

There were dj sets by Sam York, Broken Disco 1980, Le Fonz, and Harlot, and live sets by Count Brent & the Maestros and New Thrill Parade (from Frisco). Fun was had by all, and I expect to see a lot more of the sun in this hemisphere in the coming months.

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