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Devil’s Vice

Posted on October 31st, 2008 by admin

This was the afterparty for Dark Wave Disco’s Sonotheque jam and Debonair Social Club’s 2nd anniversary party, and any other party that died or got shut down early. I’m often skeptical of events that are advertised as going well into the next day. I’ve seen a lot of ambitious parties fizzle out as the beer runs dry, and been tricked into more than my fair share of would-be ragers where it’s just a bunch of dudes frantically text messaging all the girls in their address book and sniffing coke off a table while some guy spins house music in a corner.

This was Halloween though, and this was the real deal. People came in shifts. First the cats from all the 2AM bars, then the 4AM bars, and then the kids who got a second wind after wolfing down some grease at Hollywood Grill and Lorraine’s. I got there just as things were setting up around two, and I didn’t leave til after the sun had already come up, and the dance floor was still packed with zombies, ninjas and puns, some just half-costumed and covered in smeared paint. This is the way Halloween should be done.

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