GlitterGuts Glitter! Guts! Photobooths!

JoJo Baby has a posse

I don’t know you. Why would I let you take my picture and put it on the internet?

We’ve been asking ourselves that same question since the beginning. Apparently, it’s fun to take pictures with your friends, and we get good results. Also, we try not to put any unflattering pictures online, so there’s not much harm in taking a few shots and maybe catching a few really cool moments from a wild night you might not remember otherwise.

And what do you get out of it?

We like photographing people who want to be photographed. We like photographing beautiful freaks (and beautiful normos, too) that we might not have the occasion to meet if we weren’t right there in front of them. We like capturing such a wide, random selection of people, and this point in time, and having this archive of our life and the world we live in.

How can I get GlitterGuts to come to my event?

If you’re throwing the best event ever? We’ll work for free. And by best event ever… We mean James Franco, Christina Ricci, and Sasha Grey are running a kissing booth, David Bowie’s playing a full Ziggy Stardust set in his costume from Labyrinth, the bathroom’s got faucets for hot water, cold water, Old Overholt, and pure liquid LSD, and John Waters is there giving out hugs (just because).

Otherwise, you’ll have to ask us, and then pay us. To inquire, send an email to

Do you do corporate events?

We don’t want to think of ourselves as sellouts, but we love making art and not being poor, and there are a number of ways that we can help integrate your brand into our images, without losing out on any of the quality, the artistry, or the fun of the experience. In addition to the images on our web page, we can also do on-site printing, custom backdrops, and provide props and costumes to enhance the experience.

In the past we have worked with companies like Lollapalooza, North Coast Music Fest, Riot Fest, Target, Tumblr, Cartoon Network,  The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute, The Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, UR Chicago, Old Style, SoBe, Adidas, Absolut, Tito’s Vodka, Dewars, Templeton, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Four Loko.

Do you do weddings?

Fuck yeah, we’re huge fans of love… and drunk grandparents! Check out samples from some of the awesome weddings we’ve shot here

Will you set up at a party at my house?

Sure. We will literally play any venue in which we aren’t in danger of catching bedbugs or wading through feces. Houses, outhouses, treehouses, barns, funeral homes… you name it.

Do you have any services I don’t know about?

No one has ever actually asked us this question but we figured we should tell you that we can provide green screen photobooths, prints onsite, social media integration, password protected galleries, and customized prop boxes!

Are all of your events legal?

We’re willing to take necessary risks in the sake of a good time, and we think that great art is born out of danger, opposition, and a less-than-strict adherence to the law. We think that most people are mature enough and responsible enough to throw parties and art shows and concerts as safely and responsibly as any bar, and we think that any time that people are getting together and having fun in a place that is not taxed and sanctioned by the government, it is an act of political protest and a thing of beauty.

Also, there’s a lot of laws in this city. As we’re writing this, two (licensed, legitimate) neighborhood bars that have been throwing shows for years, were told that they need a PPA license to continue throwing shows for their patrons.

If you’re concerned with the legality of any of the events advertised on GlitterGuts, check out the venues on yelp.

How do I take a good picture? How do I avoid looking fat/stupid/drunk?

There’s a secret that a lot of people don’t want to admit to: they practice. They look in the mirror and make faces and learn about which angles look good and which angles give them a hundred chins. It’s vain and it’s silly, but it works, so if you care about it a lot, do it.

Other than that, just be confident. Do something and freeze. Don’t second guess yourself, because you’ll look stupid trying to jump from one pose to another. If it looks bad, we won’t put it up. If we put it up, and you still think it looks bad, we’ll take it down.

I took four pictures but I can only find one, WTF?!

We promise to put up at least one picture from every set of photos we take, but we try to leave out anything that is unintentionally unflattering. Maybe you sneezed and looked gross. Maybe we screwed up and there’s a shadow of one of our arms covering your face. Maybe you did the same pose four times and we thought it was a waste of our energy to edit more than two. The pictures are free. Just take more!

I can’t find my picture on facebook, WTF?!

Facebook is a great tool, but it is not the internet. It is just a part of the internet. We usually put our favorite pictures up on facebook, but you can always find the full set here.

Is nudity allowed in the photobooth?

Allowed and encouraged. All genders and all body types, but for legal reasons, please be over 18.

Can I use a GlitterGuts picture for my profile on my blog/okcupid/facebook/tumblr/website/whatever?

If it’s a picture of you, then go nuts. If it isn’t, that’s kinda creepy. Don’t do that.

Will you take a picture down by request?

Yes. Again, if it’s a picture of you.

But it’s a real pain in the ass, so only ask us to if you’ve got a real problem with it, and if you’ve got a real jealous girlfriend/boyfriend who doesn’t want to see pictures of you with other people, DUMP THEM. THEY ARE CRAZY (and if they’re not crazy and you’re not willing to dump them, just don’t take pictures with people you’re not supposed to!) and remember, once an image is on the internet, it may never disappear. Don’t do anything you don’t want on the internet in front of a camera!

Can I put my coat here?

NO! The photobooth is not a coat check! The DJ booth is not a coat check! Only the coat check is a coat check! If you put your stuff on the floor near us we will not watch it and it will get stolen, possibly by us.

While you’re here, could you take some photos of the crowd, maybe a couple shots of the band?

As of 2013, we offer quality roaming photography services, but if you hire us for a photoboth, you’re getting a photobooth! If you want to upgrade your services onsite, we will happily let you pay us to do that!

Cubs or White Sox?

The official GlitterGuts policy on sports is that they’re fun to play and dumb to watch. That said, GO WHITE SOX!

Who throws the best parties in Chicago?

[editors note: answers to this question reflects January 2014. Please remind us to update in 6 months]

For some reason the best parties in Chicago happen on Mondays and Thursdays, some of which we’ve shot and some of which we haven’t.

Mondays mean Salonathon at Beauty Bar, punk rock night at Delilah’s (with $1 beers), free night at Empty Bottle, the Porn and Chicken Dance Party at evilOlive, grown-and-sexy goth night Analog Pop at Rodan, plus the occasional Chances Dances at Sub-T and like two or three places to get buffalo wings for a quarter.

Thursdays mean new wave night Technique at at Neo, soul night Dusty Grooves at Cobra Lounge, and once a month at Big Chicks it would be in your best interest to check out FKA. Stardust is a fantastic, long-running dance party at Berlin, and the last Thursday of the month it morphs into cutting edge party Total Therapy.

The last Saturday of  every month is Another Nineties Party at Beauty Bar, which is always packed and often provides 1990s costumes and makeovers in addition to solid guilty pleasure music.

Unfortunately, none of those parties are 18+ or all ages. If you’re looking for a regular 18+ dance party, check out the long-running monthly goth night Noctuna at The Metro and Bottom Lounge. The MultiKulti gallery/collective throws a great number of concerts, art shows, political actions, and parties. Bass-and-laser freaks Midnight Conspiracy (and their deep house offshoot Autograf) throw a lot of amazing 18+ events but do it intermittently. Teen Witch is killing it on the avant garde, next-level tip these days, and you should follow him for info on a lot of great undergrounds.